Worried About Sensory Overload?

Worried About Sensory Overload?

Our sensory gym features a Snoezelen Room for decompression

At Ring Around The Spectrum, we take pride in creating safe spaces in our sensory gym for your children to play and learn. We understand that sometimes children can feel overwhelmed, so we offer special rooms in our gym designed for decompression. Our Snoezelen Room allows children to focus on specific tasks and activities in a quieter environment. Our clinicians also use these rooms to assess your child’s development, so we can address their specific needs accordingly.

3 benefits of our Snoezelen Room

Children who fall within the autism spectrum can become overwhelmed easily. That’s why it’s important to offer a safe space for them to decompress. Here are three important benefits of Snoezelen Rooms:

  1. They provide a unique interactive space for children with autism spectrum disorder.
  2. They engage sensory, cognitive, fine motor and gross motor skills.
  3. They help children focus on tasks and avoid sensory overload.

Our Snoezelen Room offers a variety of features specifically designed to meet the needs of children with autism and other developmental delays, including:

  • Soothing music
  • Light aromatherapy
  • Milky Way rugs
  • Interactive lighting
  • Bubble tubes

Our occupational therapists carefully chose these amenities because they’re perfect for engaging children without causing sensory overload.

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