I am very thankful for this place; It is a free judgement zone and every employee there its kind and helpful to every child needs. My son had a birthday party there and it was a success!

Lina B.

Awesome place for special kids to be themselves and let loose in a fun and safe environment with super attentive staff. Our kids never want to leave!

Benjamin K.

The staff is great and so is the environment. Nice sensory room and lots of swings. Thanks for being in my community we really needed a place like this to bring our son during the winter.

Dave M.

Awesome place for sensory and typical kids!! Staff goes above and beyond. Birthdays are priced right.

Dave D.

Great place for kids but the hours are cut short if there's a birthday party and it's not shown here so make sure to call ahead.

The Happy Family

Amazing. Thats all ican say. Went home to visit family and my 4 year old daughter with asd and spd had a fantastic time! The staff and owners are great. All the parents here get it!


Both of my sons are high functioning autistic and on a whim and suggestion from ones girlfriend, we came to the gym. My sons instantly fell in love with the place and didn't want to leave. Definitely added to our places to frequent.

John M.

Love love love it here. Great place the kids didn't want to leave.

Kristin k.

Great location, professional, staff is great with the is beyond appropriate.

Charlene b.

Amazing, a life saver to my family.

Kelly M.

Amazing, a life saver to my family.

Kelly M.